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14/7/2021 Covid-19 Update

Following the Government announcement on Monday 12th July to remove national covid-19 restrictions amid increasing infection rates, we have discussed and thought deeply on the way forward relating to our operations at Crows Nest.

Our primary concern has to be the health and welfare of our staff and guests. As a relatively young team, the majority of our staff are yet to be fully vaccinated. They are not only at risk themselves, but due to the isolating rules which are not being removed, any enforced isolations would force facility closures and even possibly the closure of the park in full. As a result we have had to make some difficult decisions regarding the best way forward to provide a safe and enjoyable holiday for yourselves.

Bar and Entertainment

We are pleased to announce that we will be able to resume some of our entertainment programme.

• Our kids magic show will resume twice a week from Monday 19th July. Times and exact location may change subject to weather conditions.
• A live singer will perform on a Saturday afternoon in the outside area and conservatory. This has been very popular over the last 6 weeks.
• To ensure outside areas can be used as much as possible, the bar will continue to open mid afternoon throughout the summer.
• The weekly Family Disco will restart and we are happy that a local band will perfom on a Saturday evening.

All tables will continue to be on a first come first served basis only with no bookings required, however table service will continue in its current format. We politely request that all customers continue to wear a face mask when entering the bar until they are seated.

Shop and Fish and Chip Takeaway

The Shop and Fish and Chip shop will continue with a one way system and we ask that social distancing be maintained. Again we politely ask that customers continue to wear a face mask whilst inside these facilities. The national restrictions may have gone, yet the Covid virus certainly has not.

Games Room

The Games Room will reopen. Hand sanitising stations will be provided. We have removed some machines to maximise social distancing in the facility.

Swimming Pool

Unfortunately, after much soul searching and hours of discussions, we feel we are unable to reopen the swimming pool. The reasons for this are as follows:

1. Insufficient staff. As the pool has been closed since September 2019 when it closed for the season before covid. We have had to start from scratch in searching for staff. Despite advertising for the last month we have not had enough applicants to fulfil the shifts even if all applicants were successful.
2. Unsafe. Had we been successful in finding a pool attendant team. All members of staff would not be applicable for any covid vaccination, and we can not provide a safe working environment from Covid-19.
3. Due to the environment in the pool building i.e. heat and water, additionally any positive cases (which would be inevitable) would force the closure of the swimming pool as the 10 day isolation period has not been removed. This could even close the park in full if key members of our staff were forced to isolate – all bookings would then have to be cancelled.
4. Our insurers have confirmed that we will not be allowed to reopen the swimming pool, even if we reduce used numbers substantially with no pool attendants on the pool side.

I am sure you will understand the predicament and difficult decisions we have had to make and understand that the health and safety of everyone is paramount.

We hope that the sun will shine, you have a great holiday and everyone stays safe and healthy.

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